I took the plunge

Yup. I waited and waited and finally the persimmon I’d picked and brought inside became ripe. “Like a soft tomato” I’d read was the desired state.

I sliced it open, and gave ‘er a shot.

It tastes something like a creamy melon. Normally, “melon” wouldn’t be a flavor I like.

But in this case, I found it to be delicious! Still a bit of tannin, but not uncomfortably so.


And *then* I read that eating too much persimmon can cause something really fun called a bezoar! Hooray!

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  • Natalie

    Ew. Persimmon hairball!

    I always thought they had kind of a lipsticky flavor. Creamy and melony and lipsticky.

    My word verification is "shamers"

    Mhhmmm… on me.

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