I’m not ashamed to admit it

I love the Olympics.

I really, really adore watching the Olympic games, both summer and winter.

I can’t explain why, but I’ve always been a fan of the Olympic games. I used to lament that it took SO long between games (back with both summer and winter games were done in the same year).

It probably harkens back to my youth. I’m of the era that watched the U.S. Men’s hockey team do the impossible (the so called “Miracle on Ice“) in 1980.

I am also of the Mary Lou Retton generation. Watching that tiny girl full of courage stick the landing on a flip over the vault and land squarely on a bad knee to win the gold. Oh yeah, that’s the stuff.

I’m also of the Dorothy Hamill era (tho I never had the haircut), the Kristi Yamaguchi era and while we’re at it, I’m of the Carl Lewis flying through air with the greatest of ease era.

Man. Am I ever excited for the games to start tonight!

And hey, this time around, I’m not so many time zones away from the games, so no events that I might want to see that are scheduled for 3:30am. Yes!

I’m fired up to watch Apollo Ohno skate again this year. I have a big fondness for men’s speed skating (and it’s not just the tight body stockings, but that sure doesn’t hurt!).

I’m also ready to see who emerges from these games as the athlete with heart, crazy endurance, or able to pull a feat of magic out of the Olympics. Michael Phelps did that for the summer games last year.

I wonder who will we be talking about long after the winter games are over?

The show begins tonight. I’m ready!

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  • Lucky

    As you are in Pacific time and I am in Mountain time, we might have assumed that NBC might show stuff live (esp. in Pacific time), but no. The fact that my parents were an hour ahead on the East Coast during the opening ceremonies last night, when I was two time zones closer to the actual event, really twisted my knickers. Oh, well. Maybe they will show some events live. The short track and moguls finals tonight seemed like they might have been live. At least there were no spoilers on the interwebs before the results on TV.

    Not that this diminishes my love of the Olympics. Just my love of NBC.

  • Karen Fayeth

    Yeah, I didn't get the short track live (and as you pointed out, I'm in the same time zone as Vancouver). Argh.

    So while moguls were on (which I don't especially care for) I opened the lid on my laptop to waste some time and on the front page of Yahoo, it trumpeted that "Ohno wins the silver!!"


    I was rather pissed as in my viewing, I hadn't even seen the semi-finals.

    Boy, even though I knew the outcome, was very glad I watched that short track final. The Koreans had it all wrapped up and then whammo, they didn't.

    Great skating! Was glad that the kid who had sliced his knee in the qualifying rounds in September took the bronze. He's only 19! What a great career he has ahead.

    And I second your emotion about NBC. Does Bob Costas still even have a pulse?

  • Elise

    When I was a kid, I loved the Olympics–and for good reason; it held real meaning then. It was all amateurs, and doping wasn't standard. I'd love to still be excited.I just can't be. These days, it feels like a giant circus/farce to me. :-(

  • Karen Fayeth

    Yeah, over Valentine's Day lunch, TGM and I were talking about the Olympics of the 70's and 80's where the athletes were still amateurs and fighting to go pro.

    What you say is true, but I'm still working up some excitement over the games.

    The medal winning event that Ohno skated was AWESOME.

  • Lucky

    Bob Costas is a vampire. I'm convinced.

    Can't believe there were reruns on last night of the events they had shown that evening. Really? No qualifying events that were taped that I could watch? Just the same pairs figure skating, women's speed skating and men's moguls that I had already seen. Grrr.

    The IOC should get wise and create an Olympics channel. NBC could still have broadcast right, but die-hard nuts like me would definitely pay $20 or even $50 every 2 years to watch live around the clock.

  • Anonymous

    The "tiny girl" was Kerri Strug in '96, not Retton.

  • Karen Fayeth

    Nope! Though Kerri Strug is also a good Olympic story. Kerri had a bum ankle and also showed amazing courage in winning at the Olympics.

    Mary Lou had a bad knee (had surgery just prior to the Olympics).

    Her injury wasn't quite as serious as Strug's, but it was still an amazing bit of courage on her part.

  • Anonymous

    Karen, you are correct. I forgot Retton had the knee injury. I, however, still like Strug better.

  • Karen Fayeth

    I think I remember Mary Lou more because she was 1984 Olympics. Right in the heart of my formative years.

    Strug was 1996 and no less important. I'm happy to be reminded of her amazing performance.

    Mary Lou got a little political after the games, so I tended to tune her out after that.

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