Hot Town, Summer in The City

Whooo, yesterday was the last day of July. Today’s the first day of August. Hot times, no? The dead of summer. Sun high in the sky. Shorts, flip flops, and sun tea.

Asphalt so hot you can’t stand on it cuz it’s melting.

Then around 4:00 the monsoons roll in and unleash the rain and hail. Finally the sun sets on a warm, beautiful night.

Right? Oh wait, that’s New Mexico.

Fourteen years in the Bay Area still hasn’t gotten me used to summers that look like this:

Copyright 2011 Rafael Monterrosa, and used with permission.

This beautiful photo was posted yesterday by my Twitter friend and San Francisco resident, Rafael Monterrosa. Sutro Tower is partially hidden in the background as the fog crawls over the hill, ready to lay down and blanket my City.

I swear to you, the fog is a living, breathing entity.

Summer mornings start out gray and overcast. By noon, the gray has burned off leaving beautifully warm blue sky days. THIS is the golden California they talk about. Just about the time I manage to sit back with a glass of iced tea and let the sun warm my bones, the fog rolls over the hill, the temperature drops twenty degrees, and the pants, long sleeves and hot beverages come out.

And ya’ll wonder why we crazy San Franciscians have a party for a glass. You have no idea how nice an Irish coffee is on a cold damp summer night in the Bay Area.

I guess for me, the ol’ “make hay while the sun shines” is in effect. I just took a nice long walk in the blue sky’d afternoon, eyeing the fog already peeking over the hills to the west, ready to smother the warm out of my day.

*sigh* No wonder my Vitamin D is so low. Frappin’ Marine Layer.

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  • Dave Bonner

    My comment under your “party for a glass” post pretty much says it all for me except…
    I’ve been doing San Francisco since the mid sixties. Then and off and on it was to visit my cousins over on Alameda De Las Pulgas. Then and the many times afterward, I was but a tourist with availability from driving a damned truck.

    That limited experience with the little city by the bay (<- 47 sq miles [7X7] ) taught me what you learned today. In order to make hay in San Fransisco, tourists must indeed walk many miles…or else spend mega bucks! either solution put this old cowboy 'out of that notion' and back into the idea of Roast Duck with leaky nuts over in China town.

    • Karen Fayeth

      Dave – I would have figured that the Bay Area might hold some certain appeal for you. It has certain rural charms, but one has to work a little harder to find them.

      And yes,it’s still too god%$##ed expensive.

  • Don

    In many ways I miss living and working in the SF Bay area. I spent several great years there, but in general I am also happy to be away from the fog and weather of San Fran. And the traffic and people. Good to be away from that as well! Loved Fisherman’s Wharf though! Especially when the seals were there! (I hear they have left?)


    • Karen Fayeth

      Don – Yup, the seals just up and left. I understand they moved to Oregon. Which, to be honest, a lot of Bay Area folks do! lol!!

      There are still a few to be had at Pier 39, but not in the numbers like you would remember. I loved the seals too. So much fun.

  • Michelle Peterson

    My husband is from Sacramento and feels the same way about NM summers. But that is one thing I love about New Mexico–the unpredictability, the diversity, the change. Perfect place to live if you ask me!

    • Karen Fayeth

      Hi Michelle – With all due respect to your husband, anyone from Sacto has no room to talk about crazy summers. That place is HOT! And hazy. And then some more hot. And then some more hazy.

      I agree, NM summers are the best. Hot in the day, cool at night. Perfect!

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