Way to go ABQjournal.

Rein = like on a horse, meaning to control or curtail. Reign = like a king.

I believe the Senate seeks to curb credit card practices, not rule over them like a sovereign nation.

Oy! Go APS, go!

Screen shot from today’s online version.

EDIT: Twenty minutes later, the headline reads: “Senate passes credit card overhaul bill”

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  • Anonymous

    The number of these has gone up staggeringly since papers “embraced” the web. I remember when they used to retract them on the back pages.

    Apparently we shot all the copy editors.


  • Karen Fayeth

    I suppose the beauty of the internet is you can change the typo on the fly.

    But still…

    You know, another thing, the last several books I’ve read (best sellers from respected publishing houses) have had typos.

    This gets me crazy.

  • Natalie

    Surprising considering it rained like the Dickens last night.

    So many choices; so few good ones made.

    Ditto: Go, APS, Go!

    (Did I mention Gabriel is now going to Catholic school? ;)

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