Hmm, What is There To Talk About?

Gosh. Slow day. What possibly is there to discuss?

Can’t quite figure it out.

There has to be *something* we can chat about here on my little ol’ blog.

Let me look at the local newspaper.

Upcoming elections. Sure. Whitman and Brown, running waddled neck to waddled neck.

Not much to add to that.

Volcano, earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia. Yikes. A lot of people hurt and killed. Tragic. What more can I say? My thoughts are with the people of Indonesia as they try to get their normal lives back.

Charlie Sheen trashed a hotel room while buck naked. Wish I could say that Sheen could get a normal life back, but I’m not sure he knows what that is. Can’t really get any energy to discuss that Hollywood oddity today.

Stock market is down a bit. Dollar is down a bit. Gold is up.

There is something nibbling at the edge of my mind, something I should talk about today.

Why can’t I quite put my finger on it?



I know.

The World Series starts tonight. Game 1. San Francisco Giants vs the Texas Rangers.



A reward for long suffering fans like…oh…me.

Humm baby!

Click here for Expert predictions. Here’s a sneak preview…most aren’t picking the Giants to win.

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