Hey, how’s your day going?

How’s my day? HOW’S MY DAY!?!??!

This, this is how my day is going:

This is what happens when you take the lovely rubberized cover off your iPhone and then go to a meeting and, whoops, drop it face down on a beautiful gray granite floor.

I have many, many curse words yet to go today.

By the by…the phone still works. Just not really inclined to run my finger across the screen…..

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  • Natalie

    You took your Otter off? You took your Otter off?
    'Splain, Lucy.

    Bummer, man. That totally sucks and I happen to know it's not covered under Apple Care. My co-worker did the same thing… eventually had to get a new one.
    Lucky for you there's a new one coming out.
    In case you needed an excuse…
    My condolences.

  • Karen Fayeth

    Yeah, I took the cover off. I have this fun, fabulous Paul Frank Dia de los Muertos cover. It's red and has a dancing skeleton on the back.

    It didn't seem appropriate for the meeting I was going to.

    Silly me.

    I have an appointment tomorrow at my Apple store to have the glass replaced. I decided to do that rather than buy a new phone. Long story, but sound reasoning.


    Every time I look at my phone I get sad.

  • Lucky

    Arg, that sucks!

  • Karen Fayeth

    Lucky – yes…yes it does.

    Good news is that I was able to get into an Apple store today and they replaced the screen. Yay! My phone is happy again!!

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