He went and did it…

Well Chronicled here is my love for the San Francisco Giants and last night the team, or one man on the team, made history.

I’ve watched Bonds for a lot of years and have seen him perform miracles at the plate. Stuff that left me wide eyed and astonished.

I’m sad to say that I wasn’t watching last night when he performed his latest. He broke Hank Aaron’s long held career record of 755 home runs.

756 for Bonds came in the fifth off of Washington Nationals pitcher Mike Bacsik and he slugged it to the deepest part of the yard. No small feat.

It’s been a long strange road but I’m proud of him, prouder still he wore a Giants uniform when he did it.

I understand the taped speech from Hank Aaron played on the Jumbotron was moving. The crowd was crazy. History was made.

Sadly, it doesn’t lift the last place Giants up from their 13.5 game cellar dwelling status, and they didn’t win the game last night. But it’s a bright spot in a dismal season.

Congratulations, Mr. Bonds.

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