Happy Mom’s Day!

I’m taking a page from the Avelino Maestas handbook and his Live From Silver City blog. Today, my blog will be photos. Like Avelino, I’ve been enjoying time behind the lens more and more. I’m a rank amateur with a good camera, better lenses and a decent eye, so I’m learning.

Today I got to horn in on Mom’s day with my partner. He has cool folks so I enjoy borrowing them both. Today they let me come along to Filoli Gardens. It’s one of those places where you almost can’t take a bad picture.

In his May 11 post Avelino talks about photowalking and the photowalking.org site which I think is pretty cool. Although I guess I didn’t know I was “in the know” because this is how I’ve always made pictures. By walking around and seeing what hits my eyes then trying to make the shot fit what I see. Not always easy, but always fun. Avelino also has a link for the Digital Photography School Forum that lists “assignments” where people post in their work. That has a certain appeal to me too. I find an odd bit of creativity in being given a topic and letting my mind try to fit the bill. I love writing that way, I’ll pull a word out of my big bucket of words I’ve cut from magazines and try to form a story or at least write a poem about the word or cleverly using the word. So I may get in on the photo assignment action…we’ll see.

For now, below are some of my faves from today.

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  • Trevor Carpenter

    Hey Karen, thanks for the link love. I’m exited to see others finally noticing my little photowalking site.

    I’m not trying to start anything new, just get an organized community of photography lovers united to take more photos and motivate others to do the same.

    When we can share our love of photography with others, and maybe teach them something new, we’ll have opened up a whole new world to explore.

    Thanks again, Trevor

  • Karen Fayeth

    Hey Trevor! Thanks for the comment! Love what your site is all about…

    It was great yesterday to see so many people out on a sunny day with cameras trying to get that one great shot.

    I agree, it’s a great exploration. I love seeing the work that people, amateurs like me, are putting out there.

    Rock on, friend!


  • avelino


    Wonderful photos. That fourth one down is incredible! Keep up the beautiful work, and keep the great blogging coming too!

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