Got to fix my thinkin’

You are only as old as you feel….or so they say.

I got to work on this, because, last weekend…

I tried on these hot kicks:

The style is VERY of the now.

And as I clomped about the store, I thought, “hmmm, I wonder if these will make my bunions hurt?”

So I put them back on the shelf, slid my toes into well worn flip flops, and left the store.

I remember when I’d wear dreadfully uncomfortable shoes for hours, just because they looked DAMN good. What price beauty and all of that.

But now I’m about comfort?

Oh dear. Have I succumbed? Am I going gentle into that good night…..?


Or take a nap. Whatever.

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  • Anonymous

    You haven’t lost until you have a mumu – and it isn’t a joke.



  • Old Bogus

    Practicality is NOT a vice. Self abuse is. Why women wear shoes which ruin their feet is a mystery I may never understand. Unless it is a ploy to get foot rubs . . .

  • Anonymous

    Women wear shoes that ruin their feet because those shoes make our legs look good and men like that.



  • Lucky

    I lived in NY during that huge East Coast blackout and had to walk home (form Manhattan to Brooklyn – maybe 7 miles). I was wearing very fashionable Enzo Angiolini sandals. I loved those shoes.

    However, that was THE LAST DAY I wore anything other than sensible shoes. The blisters were unbelievable.

  • Anonymous

    Amen Elsie, AMEN.

  • Karen Fayeth

    I have to admit sometimes even *I* like how my legs look in heels. But strictly for going out for a few hours, I suppose, and even then I’ll kick them off in the car on the way home.

    The other day one of the ladies who works for me, about 25 years old, I think, was wearing an amazing pair of shoes. I told her so. She replied: “Thanks! They are killing my feet!” and off she went wobbling on those spike heels.

    I often wonder how the Hollywood ladies do it. I see some red carpet photos where I *know* the shoes aren’t comfy, you can see the stress marks on the feet.

    Then again, I suppose it’s better than my mom’s day where women wore heels every day. For some women there was a point they couldn’t walk flat footed from wearing heels so much! Yikes.

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