Get out and vote

If you are a Democrat, that is. If you are a Republican, you gotta wait until June.

Not gonna tell you how to vote or which way to lean or who I prefer.

Just sayin’, this is an interesting year. Votes count.

So vote, okay?

For my New Mexico friends, this by way of the ABQjournal, how to find your polling place.

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  • michelle meaders

    No wonder people were voting in the wrong place. That was for last September’s election! The county clerk’s office removed it from their website so as not to mislead people. Polling places this time are mostly different from that, since the Dem. party is running this election!

  • Karen Fayeth

    Oh man….I *hate* giving out misinformation. You’d *think* something from the ABQjournal would be correct…right? Nope.

    Thanks for setting me right. Wow.

    Read last night that NM STILL isn’t sure exactly who won. Ouch.

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