For my week in Costa Rica, this was the view out of one of my hotel windows.

It cheered me greatly, though I had to look up what pongámosle meant.

It means “give me.”

How utterly charming!

Yes, Costa Rica, I shall give you my green heart. And you shall give me yours too.

¡Pura vida!

Photo copyright 2012, Karen Fayeth, and subject to the Creative Commons license in the far right corner of this page. Photo taken with an iPhone 4s and the Hipstamatic app.

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  • Lucky

    I am green. . .with jealousy! My work trips consist of going to Isotopes Park and trying to keep the 8th graders from hooking up in the bathrooms or buying alcohol (not always successful at this. . .)

    • Karen Fayeth

      Lucky – Going to Isotopes Park sounds pretty damn good. Wrangling 8th graders does not.

      Thank you for being the sort of person who will ride herd on 8th graders for a living!

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