Change is good

Being of the Taurean persuasion, change doesn’t come easily to me.

It takes a lot of work to bomb me out of my ways.

That said, I’ve been tired of my old blogger template for quite some time. I’ve also seen FAR too many blogs with that same template.

One thing about Blogger…they don’t offer you just a ton of template choices.

Noticing my neice’s cool as heck blog and following her advice, I’d tried quite a few sites offering free code and flashy templates. But I have had no success getting them to load and work.

I ventured out into the fray again today and found a LOT of really ugly templates. REALLY REALLY UGLY.

Then I stumbled on this one…so far so good. It loaded. I had to go in and change the html because all the buttons and labels were in Spanish. But ok, that wasn’t hard.

So far it seems easy on the eyes. Muted colors. Still working out the kinks and getting used to my new space, but so far, so good!

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  • Natalie

    This looks good. I decided to leave blogger because of the lack of templates and bells n’ whistles. I like wordpress (probably a comfort zone thang) but also realize the limitations.
    I’d read your “toot” post first so when I read “It takes a lot of work to bomb me out of my ways.” I was thinking of a different motivation for change.

  • Karen Fayeth

    Heh, Natalie…I hadn’t even noticed that.

    Too, too funny!

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