A real mind bender

Yesterday at 1:15pm local time, as I was boarding a plane in Honolulu, CNN was reporting that “the polls in the east will be closing soon”.

When I got off the plane in Oakland, The Good Man told me it was a done deal, Obama was president.

That sort of blows the ol’ brain pan!

I’m still wrapping my mind around the fact that it’s over, it wasn’t a dream, and a new day has begun.

Just. Wow.

Irrefutable evidence

That there is my actual hand putting my actual absentee ballot into the actual mailbox.

I will be in Hawaii for Election Day, or rather will be traveling home from Hawaii, so I won’t really be able to keep an eye on the results.

Either way, it will be newsworthy.

But there you have it. I voted.

Now it’s your turn.

I won’t tussle over your opinion versus mine. All I ask is that you make your opinion known.


Reason number 436 why I’m…

…a New Mexican living in California and not just a Californian.

From this article:

“San Francisco voters will decide on Tuesday whether to remove the famous Alcatraz Prison visited by thousands of tourists a day and instead create a ‘global peace center.'”

“Supporters would like to raze the prison and build a medicine wheel, a labyrinth and a conference center for non-violent conflict resolution.”

Ok, seriously?

Geez, I’m all for non-violence, peace, love, all that. But raze a historical landmark? And a very, very popular tourist attraction?


Here’s hoping this goes the way many other odd measures on the SF ballots in recent history. Away…quietly. (then again, there’s some odd sh– that’s been approved by voters too, so who knows?)

Get out and vote

If you are a Democrat, that is. If you are a Republican, you gotta wait until June.

Not gonna tell you how to vote or which way to lean or who I prefer.

Just sayin’, this is an interesting year. Votes count.

So vote, okay?

For my New Mexico friends, this by way of the ABQjournal, how to find your polling place.