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Here I am in the Midwest, donchaknow?


Had a fabulous lunch today with three aunts, two uncles, my mom and my husband. Two of the aunts and both uncles are surviving siblings of my father.

We managed to get the four of them telling stories about growing up. I haven’t laughed that hard in a long, long time. I even heard some new stories today and a few I’ve heard before but still crack me up.

Also got the line on a couple family disputes I didn’t know about. Oooh, family gossip!

All in all…a good day.

Also have eaten twice at a Steak N Shake and may be in love. For West Coasters…take the passion many people (not me) feel for In-n-Out burger, and that’s how rabid folks are about Steak N Shake.

A lot of food, a lot of laughing, a LOT of family.

So okay! And The Good Man has met my relatives and hasn’t run off screaming into the night. That’s a *good* sign!

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  • Natalie

    When I lived in “Chicago”, I lived in the suburbs in a little town called “Homewood” which is about twenty minutes from the Indiana border. We used to go to Steak n Shake… not bad… but we were more enamored with Portillos which is Italian beef, hot dogs, polish dogs, and the like. If there are any Portillos around you… Go there!
    I got my love-bug dog, Lulu, from a humane society in Munster, Indiana. We used to drive into Indiana to do our shopping because it was lots cheaper. The roads were lined with either corn or Cottonwood trees.
    So, see? Indiana isn’t so bad. (People used to say that to us all the time. “Ugh. You’re going to Indiana? Why?”) Not just corn fields but there’s a lot of that, too.
    People in the midwest are so nice…

  • Karen Fayeth

    Funny you say that…I must be a jaded Calinfornian because I keep saying to The Good Man, “why are people so NICE here?!?!”

    They really are nice. Indiana is a lovely place. It’s just so different from “where I come from” that it’s perplexing…but fun.

    My Indiana relatives still can’t fathom my growing up in New Mexico. One Aunt asked me “did you even have schools there?” In her mind, my childhood was all running wild with the natives.

    Then again…maybe it was…*grin*

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