Biscuit Monster

So, now that we’ve gone and cancelled our cable, we live at the whims of what’s available on the public airwaves.

This means that I’ve been watching a lot more PBS lately. There’s some really fascinating stuff on there!

So I watched, with moist salivary glands, a show called “Everyday Baking.”

Host John Barricelli makes some naughty baked things on that show, and the recipes seem pretty easy.

I told The Good Man that I’d watched the show and was going to try my hand at making homemade biscuits.

That grown man, in a full Cookie Monster voice, said “biscuits?”

This morning, I printed out the recipe and placed it on the counter. I will make them later today to be ready for weekend breakfasts.

Every time The Good Man walked by the counter while getting ready for work and spotted the recipe, I heard “biscuits?!?”

He opened the fridge, “hon, why is there a bunch of cut up butter in here?”

“That’s for the biscuits, they said the butter needs to be cold and in small chunks.”


As he kissed me goodbye for the day, he bounced on the balls of his feet and uttered one last, “biscuits!?!?”

Oh man, with such Cookie Monster passion about these biscuits, now I’m sort of scared. What if they turn out like flour-y hockey pucks?


Then again, I bought sausage to make sausage gravy. Just about anything tastes ok covered in sausage gravy.

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  • Elise

    I think your biscuits will be lovely, and I have the utmost faith.

    If it were me, tho, I'd buy a couple of tubes of Grands as back-ups. Heh.

  • Karen Fayeth

    Ooooh giiiirrrrl! They turned out GOOD.


    Thanks for your vote of confidence, I think it helped!

  • Jamie Dedes

    Ha! I know the fear. My first batch of yeasted biscuits netted us our life-time supply of hocky pucks. So that done, I'm sure yours will be world glass.

  • Jamie Dedes

    Whoops! That wasn't Freudian . . world CLASS! . . . not world glass . . . Wasn't wearking my spectacle. :-)

  • Karen Fayeth

    Oh my! Yeah, I can totally understand. I've created cookies better used as coasters and cakes better used as a door stop.

    Ah the joy of baking! :)

    I remember the first time my mom tried sopapillas. Not as much a pillow as a flatbread. She was bummed. They tasted great tho!

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