Ask and you shall receive…

Heard it. Twice. Today.

It’s official. The Hellidays are here.

So far I’ve attended two holiday lunches. I’ve received one two-pound box of See’s Nuts and Chews and given away two bottles of booze. (I’ve probably also “received” a few holiday pounds. Bah!) The celebrations continue…I’ll fiddle with the Christmas Tree while my desk is burning…however…

I finally convinced a certain cranky Director that “plan B” should be put in place…meaning “if we don’t get it done, we have a bridge to get through the holidays”. He fought me at first. Now he’s using the case I pled case as “his idea”. Whatever. It means I can exhale a minute and be ok. And that’s a good thing.

Meanwhile, all this holiday stuff and management meetings and such means I’ve been dressing up a bit lately. The dress code at work is mainly jeans and whatever top I can throw on. It’s a definite benefit of where I work. Comfy is juuuust fine.

So since my dogs have been barkin’ from wearing high heels and stuff, for the past few days I’ve been sporting my all time favorite pair of boots. Ariat Fat Babies are da *bomb*. My best friend turned me on to them and I haven’t looked back since. I love ’em so, they are comfy as anything.

Ooooooh the comments I’m getting from the locals over heah! Ranges from “hey, those are cute” (what with the rhinestones and all) to “OH MY GOD ARE YOU WEARING COWBOY BOOTS!?!?!?!?” Why yes. : coff, bite me, coff :

Days like this make me long for Oh Fair New Mexico where Rockies and a pair of boots are “dress up clothes”…

Happy Friday ya’ll…

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  • Natalie

    Hey! My Favorite Boots are my Fat Babie’s, too! Mine are very simple, brown, and totally cozy. I want a black pair with the studs.

    Best. Boots. Ever.
    And that says a lot considering I still have my rough-out, riding boots.

    Yeah. We are both so very cool.


    Chocolate!!! Sees!!!! (Yum!)

    I love a good pair of boots myself. I’ve always been an “english riding” style kinda girl, ala Janet Jackson circa 1989, or thereabouts.
    Shhhh.. don’t tell anyone…

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