Not to be confused with arithmancy, the art of divination using numbers.

No, I’m talking romance here…and, uh, numbers.

You see, I have a sweet, fatty love.

No, not The Good Man. It’s rude that you thought that. :)

No, my love is creamy, and delicious. And the best topping Mexican food ever met.

I’m talking the fantastic invention that is…Sour Cream.

Oh sweet love.

And here’s where the numbers come in…did you know that if you took a spoon out of the drawer and used it to eat an entire Costco three pound tub of sweet, delicious sour cream, you’d only be out 2,700 calories?

45 servings times 60 calories a serving.

I mean…not so bad, right?

I believe this is the type of post that, when read by the good man, he will remark, “I can’t believe you blogged about that.”

Believe it, Cute Boy.

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