And there you have it.

You know, sometimes it is, in fact, easier to tell a story with a photograph rather than words.

This past weekend, I wandered into my bedroom to grab my iPod off the bedside table. It was then I saw, laying there, the perfect explanation of my relationship with The Good Man.

It just says so much about who we are, how we’re alike, and how we’re different.

It is thus:

I’ll give you two guesses as to which book is the one I’m reading.

Hint: it’s not the one about Oscar Wilde.

And there you have it.

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  • Lucky

    It's the principle of somewhat opposites attract (you both like to read, so you're not polar opposites). The wife and I are unpacking from moving, and the current debate is which of my ratty paperbacks are going to be allowed in the public areas of the house, and where on earth I'm going to keep the rest. . .

  • Karen Fayeth

    Ah, the whole spousal negotiation thing….yes, I'm familiar. We both adore reading, so we have bookshelves EVERYWHERE. And they are all full to overflowing. Hard to decide which treasured tomes make it and which stay boxed…ugh.

    I don't envy you and your wife.

    Congrats on the move!!

  • Jennifer

    I love Louis L'Amour. My grandfather was a huge fan of his and I do believe he had a copy of every book L'Amour wrote. I spent the summer I was 13 visiting my grandparents. Being a ferocious reader already I was soon looking around for reading material and starting working through Grandpa's westerns. The way L'Amour's good guys looked at the world made a big impression on me. They were honest, took responsibility for their actions, didn't let anyone kick them around, were loyal … They were good role models for me right then, and I took their examples to heart. I gave a 13 yo relative a couple of his novels for Christmas a few years ago. I hope they do him as much good as they did me.

  • Karen Fayeth

    Jennifer! You are my kind of people!!

    I actually came late in the game to Louis L'Amour but now I'm a huge fan. These short stories are addictive.

    Tho they are coloring my world view. I keep thinking, "you cut me off on the highway…let's settle this!" Fair fight, and all. hee!

    Also, today I bought a fish (for a pet) and in thinking of names, I was channeling L'Amour….you know, names like Utah, Cat, or Gus.

    My fish ending up being named Frank. It works.

    And good on ya for passing along the tradition to a 13 year old. I hope it sticks!

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