An ode to my truck

Finally, an idea from the blog idea generator that I can sink my teeth into.

“Write a rhyming poem about your car.”


: clears throat, ready to recite :


Oooooh my Jeep, so shiny and black
At ninety three thousand miles, you still got my back.

When I slide you into wheels that drive four
Your engine drops an octave, more menacing than a roar.

You’ve got one blown speaker in the stereo
AM radio baseball. Homerun! “There we go!”

Your tires are getting a skosh toward worn
But your beautiful gray cloth seating, none of it torn.

Some parking lot craphead put a dent in your side
But your boxy lines, classic looks, no way they can slide.

You’ve always been my trusty steed on the road
I never worry that I can get where I need to go.

Together we’ve lasted almost ten years
I spent a little extra on you, despite all my fears.

Back in 2001, who would have thunk it
That in 2009 you’d narrowly escape being a cash for clunk it?


Yeah, I think that the word “craphead” makes this a classic bit of verse, don’t you?

Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!

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