Am I the only one greatly disturbed by this?

From Yahoo News:

“Meteorologists dispatched eight planes to release rain dispersal chemicals and fired 241 rockets into incoming clouds to ensure a dry Beijing Olympics closing ceremony, state media said Monday.”

Can you do this? Well obviously you CAN, but…SHOULD you do this?

I find this whole thing to be totally sci-fi and creepy as HELL.

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  • Natalie

    You think that’s scary? Read this:

    (Sorry, can’t remember that href dealio so you’ll have to copy and paste.)

    The guy has a point… and it’s just as creepy as shooting missiles into clouds claiming to be able to control the weather. You can clearly see what they are poised to control… long after the Olympics are over and gone…


  • Karen Fayeth


    Wow. I knew it was overbearing, I just didn’t know how much.

    Add to that 13 year old *coff* 16 year old gymnasts and it all just scary.

    Who knew big brother spoke Cantonese?

  • Anonymous

    Nah, the Soviets have been clearing Mayday parades this way for years – not to worry. Being Soviet they took a cruder approach of dumping cement powder into approaching clouds, occasionally dropping a bag through someone’s roof.

    If you want to stay awake nights worry about things like this –
    HAARP has been credited/speculated/associated with everything from weather control to mood control over the horizon!


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