A survivor’s tale

They got me. It was an all out attack. Nasty little buggars. Small. Vicious. Pack mentality. They work best in groups, plan their strategy and take down their prey.

They tend to migrate. They know the best hunting grounds fresh with prey and return to them year after year. They spread. You never see just one or two. They multiply. Fast.

As old ones go out, new ones rush in to take their place. Unstoppable.

I ran into a nest of ’em right outside my grocery store. I never stood a chance.

Thankfully the losses were minimal. I got out with only a box of Thin Mints and a box of Samoas.

I’ll know to keep my guard up next time……

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  • Natalie

    Hahahaha! You and me, both, sister! One of my employees brought in her niece’s order form and I bit… to the tune of $17.50! She brought the cookies in today and I had to put them in a big-ass Starbucks bag to get them home. Of course, I’ll have help eating them… but for now, I’ve hidden them and S and the boys are at football practice so I’ve got first dibs.

    I never even saw a girlscout… just the form and a pathetic little letter.


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