Pointed Art

Seen around the interwebs, a sculpture by Chinese artist Chen Wenling depicts, roughly, a gaseous Wall Street bull pinning Bernie Madoff against a wall.

Not sure what it all means. But, strangely, I like it.

Source: BBC link with a larger photo.

Sign o’ the times

Reading a novel by screen writer and now author Chris Ver Wiel, and it’s lovely and snarky and the language snaps.

Just 45 pages in, and the main character asks a good question.

These days, ya just don’t see phone booths anymore.

So…if Superman needed to change into stretchy pants, where, exactly would the crime fighter go now?

Ver Wiel’s answer?

A Starbucks bathroom.

Ah, a little bit of brilliance there.

An ode to my truck

Finally, an idea from the blog idea generator that I can sink my teeth into.

“Write a rhyming poem about your car.”


: clears throat, ready to recite :


Oooooh my Jeep, so shiny and black
At ninety three thousand miles, you still got my back.

When I slide you into wheels that drive four
Your engine drops an octave, more menacing than a roar.

You’ve got one blown speaker in the stereo
AM radio baseball. Homerun! “There we go!”

Your tires are getting a skosh toward worn
But your beautiful gray cloth seating, none of it torn.

Some parking lot craphead put a dent in your side
But your boxy lines, classic looks, no way they can slide.

You’ve always been my trusty steed on the road
I never worry that I can get where I need to go.

Together we’ve lasted almost ten years
I spent a little extra on you, despite all my fears.

Back in 2001, who would have thunk it
That in 2009 you’d narrowly escape being a cash for clunk it?


Yeah, I think that the word “craphead” makes this a classic bit of verse, don’t you?

Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!

A not very scientific analysis

Seeking to up the volume of traffic to this little blog of mine, I recently joined a free service that can help drive some eyeballs my direction.

The way it works is this: you have to start out by earning credits. To earn credits, you surf the blogs and websites of other members, stay there for at least thirty seconds, and then click a button to log your visit.

Once you have credits, based on how many you have, your blog gets put into the rotation. With that, your site starts to get views, with the hope you’ll find some sticky visitors.

So I’ve been doing this, idly surfing websites, while watching television or doing other internet surfing, working to earn plenty of credits.

Over the past couple days, I’ve looked at a lot of blogs. I’ve even found a few new sites I’ll keep visiting (see, the process works!).

I’ve also discovered that there is A LOT of dreck out there.

So based on two days of this surfing along, here is my not very scientific conclusion:

The majority of blogs out there on the internets are written by Malaysian teenage girls. Some boys too, but mostly girls.

Malaysian teenage girls who like to post photos taken with their phone cameras.

Photos of themselves with their boyfriends. Photos of them with their BFF’s. And usually at least one photo of their parents who always *clearly* look like they don’t want to have their picture taken.

Oh, and food. Over the past days, I’ve seen a LOT of sushi, udon noodle bowls and a preponderance of mochi.

I knew mochi was gaining popularity here in the Bay Area, I had no idea just how crazy the Malaysian people are for this confectionary treat. Especially mochi ice cream. That shows up on a lot of blogs.

Who knew? Apparently, this whole time, if I wanted more views, I just needed to post this:

Behold, original mochi (with red bean paste center)