Another one for the ladies


Look away, boys. No, I’m serious. You want no part of this.

Ladies, I just gotta ask.

How come it is, when I go for my regularly scheduled lady version of the lube-oil-and-filter-change, like a good woman should to care for her female health….

At the end of the session in which I’ve been unspeakably violated by a stranger…

Why is THIS all I get to clean up?

One sad towelette? One? That is not enough to clean up from a deep bbq’d rib dinner much less from the event for which it has been offered…….

And, as a special birthday present from my doctor and my HMO, to celebrate this milestone birthday, *I* get the pleasure of having my boobs dragged across the room then squished between two xray plates.

Gosh, this being forty is fun!