Strange days indeed

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So. I made a stop this morning to get petrol for my hoopty so I could make it to work.

I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t even look at the price anymore. Because it gives me a pain. I just pull up, put the nozzle in the tank, swipe my card and fill ‘er up.

So I was idly hanging about, checking email while the tank filled when I noticed.

One dollar and ninety nine cents!?!?!??!

I need a neck brace for all the whiplash! It was, what, two, three months ago that I had to take out a loan promising my life and any future offspring to the Gods of Petrol just to get enough gas in the tank to get to work?

And now, it’s at a rate lower than I think I’ve ever seen it since I moved here eleven years ago.


So then. As I drove in to work, I started to ponder.

All those freight carriers. They were adding a “fuel surcharge” to my orders to get them to me.

Have they lowered or eliminated those?

The airlines were bumping up rates for high fuel charges. Am I seeing a fare reduction?

And plastic materials. Their price was up because of the rising costs of petroleum. Have they lowered their prices?

Ha! Doubtful.

And then I was ticked off.

Not a good way to start my Friday.

One of my very sweet employees, noting my rough mood, offered me a slice of coffee cake. Which I accepted.

These economic times are weird.

And I know I can expect that fuel won’t stay at this gloriously low rate for long.

Strap in people. Bumpy road ahead.

I’m doin’ it.


As mentioned yesterday, I’m participating in Blog Comment Day 2008.

The rules are to comment on five blogs, two have to be blogs you’ve not commented on before.

So since I’m running around the ‘net putting in blog comments, in some cases, I’m using pseudonyms. I know, that may be cheating as it isn’t driving traffic to my site, but since I don’t know these folks….yanno….

Here’s my list of where I’ve been this morning:

1) I started by going to the WordPress front page because they always list what’s hot on their service.

My eyes went right to a post on Apple 2.0 – Fortune on

The topic of the post was, “Does Steve Jobs Lisp?”

The post was made in response to an episode of the Simpsons where there was a Steve Mobs character, a send up of the real Steve Jobs, who, in the episode, spoke with a pronounced lisp.

Well, having had some “in the same room” time with the guy, I can confirm that yes, he does lisp, slightly. My issue with the Simpsons version of SJ was that they had him in khaki pants. He doesn’t wear those. He wears jeans. Usually with holes in them.

Anyhow, I put in a comment but comments are moderated on that site, so mine may or may not show up. We’ll see. A pseudonym was used for this comment.

2) Next stop, also culled from the WordPress front page was 1000 Awesome Things and a post entitled “#883 Ugly actors

It was hard to resist a title like that. I looked at their list, and I observed that, Paris Hilton notwithstanding, there are some damn fine, albeit, visually challenging, actors on that list.

The bad news is…my browser seized up on my first attempt to comment…so I made the newbie error of double posting.

Ah well. Redfaced, I’ll move quickly from that blog…

3) Ok, I’m in the swing now. On the hunt for a next stop, I scanned the comment list on the original Blog Comment Day 2008 post. I figured these are good people, in on the game, so I’ll hit them up.

The one that caught my eye was called which I found to be an inviting name.

First post on the blog was “100 Things – Some of which I have done”.

The blogger has done a LOT of the items in the list. I’m impressed. Going to have to look closer at the list to see how I’ve done in my years.

This seemed like a good blog with good people, so I went ahead and put my blog link in my comment. Have a made a new blogging friend?

4) Ok, so commenting and blogging about it at the same time is taking a lot of time! Work is starting to interfere! My email keeps chiming and people are stopping by my office. This is where, in the marathon, I start thinking about stopping…resting…having a nice glass of water and calling it quits.

But I cannot. I made a promise. To myself. To the blogosphere.

I carry on. Battered, but spirit intact.

I’ve now commented on THREE blogs that I’ve never hit before. I consider taking the easy road home and hitting up friends to complete the journey. Even though that’s allowed under the rules, I’m going to take the road less traveled and find two more blogs that are new to me.

Back to the list of folks participating in the Blog Comment Day and I found a great, exuberant response from Lanie Petersen. I like her style. So I visited her page.

And while there found a link to another of her blogs, Lainie Sips, where the blogger reviews teas.

Well. Now, I’m a huge fan of tea, so I HAD to pop over.

I commented on her post Trader Joe’s Pomegranate White Tea (review). As I struggle with my blood pressure, I have to watch caffeine and I find that white tea can zing me up. So I posted a question.

And I also bookmarked a new page that I’ll find my way back to.

Nicely done, Lainie!

5) Ok, we’re close to the end. The last mile. Rounding third headed for home. And a bunch of other euphemisms I can’t think of right now.

I need to find one last blog and I need to make it good. It’s been an epic journey thus far.

I go back to the place where this very blog is hosted, Blogspot, and look at their “Blogs of Note”. I ping a couple, but they are not my style. A knitting site, a gorgeous food site, and an artist’s site, but none so far really stick with me. And as they are “blogs of note” they have a LOT of commenters.

I’m looking for someone like me, who would love an extra comment or two here and there.

Nothing is really popping. So I go to Google to do a blog search and put in “New Mexico” in the search box. I found a lot of “the ones you know already” but undeterred, I drilled down on the list.

A post titled “Good eats New Mexico” of course caught my eye. But I read it and disagreed with the whole list. You KNOW how I am about my food, especially New Mexico food, so no, this is not the place for my dramatic finish.

I’m starting to worry. Will I pull this one off? Will I get so close I can *see* the finish line, but not get across it? Am I that person?

Wait, what’s this?

A blog post about moving to New Mexico. It is a Malaysian woman and her husband raising their five children in the US, homeschooling them, and it looks like her family will soon be moving to New Mexico.

It’s a blog for her friends and family mostly, to talk about homeschooling and about life, so I don’t want to be a pest. I don’t want to alarm her. I just want to let her know that it’s ok.

Out of respect, I’ll not link to her blog. But in my comment, I let her know that while New Mexico may seem odd or strange, that it really is a lovely place to live. I wish her only the best that New Mexico has to offer.

I now find myself worrying about this woman. How she’ll fare in the move. How New Mexico will seem to her. It seems intrusive to bookmark her blog and peek in, but I find I must.

I want to check her progress. Hear her thoughts. I love New Mexico so much, I sometimes wish I could have that fresh perspective on going there. I love when friends visit (as one recently did) and share with me their first impressions.

And so, with this last thoughtful and meaningful experience, I have found conclusion to Blog Comment Day 2008.

I thought it would be really easy, but proved to be a bit tougher than I thought. I have visited five new-to-me blogs and left my thoughts behind. I’ve made some new destinations to visit and found I’m not as web savvy as I’d like to think (still can’t believe I double posted, *sigh*).

In all, a meaningful experience. Thanks to John Smulo for the idea!

Is that a threat, Mr. Henderson?



General Motors Corp. said Tuesday it needs $12 billion in government loans to keep operating, telling Congress in a bluntly worded report that its collapse could have “severe, long-term consequences to the U.S. economy.”

“There isn’t a Plan B,” said Chief Operating Officer Fritz Henderson.


Sounds like a ransom note to me.

And who is going to pay for this rippin’ $12 billion with a capital B? Oh yes, me and you, the taxpayers.

Remember us? The same folks that got robbed by Mr. Jones and the gang of banks? Yeah.

Pony up American minion, it’s all on you now. Food? Feh, you don’t need that. Americans are all too fat anyway.

See, I’m an MBA graduate, fifteen year business woman. I’ve seen a lot of companies do a lot of dumb things. But I have never seen the sheer audacity of these automakers.

You made crappy product that people don’t buy. You made long term contracts with unions thus incurring costs that you couldn’t support with sales of your crappy product.

That there’s what they call supply and demand, tater. Even a hick from New Mexico State’s business program can figure that one out.

I’m curious if GM will get what they ask for. And the other of the “big three” as well. Ugly days, indeed.


Bloggers helping bloggers

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Such a simple idea, but such a good thing.

December 3 (that’s tomorrow, people) is Blog Comment Day, 2008.

“Though there may be 100 reasons why people blog, I’ve yet to meet a blogger who doesn’t appreciate comments.” So says John Smulo about the idea.

The very easy rules:

On December 3, 2008 you will leave one comment on at least 5 different blogs.

Out of the 5 blogs you comment on, at least 2 of them will be blogs you haven’t commented on previously.

And there you have it. As a former musician friend of mine used to say, “Applause is a musician’s meal.” For a blogger, comments are your applause.

Not a huge time commit, but a good thing all around.

Who’s in? Go to John’s page and leave a comment to sign up!

Thanks to Jamie Dedes for emailing me the link!