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by Karen Fayeth

A different idea for a Fall decoration

by at 3:53pm

November 11, 2009    2 Comments

It was long strange series of clicks that landed me on a particular page, written in Russian, but with a really wonderful series of how-to photos on making roses from maple leaves.

Maple leaves?


I was sort of suspicious at first. Was this going to be hard?

And to make it worse, I don’t have a Maple tree anywhere nearby. By looking at the photos, it was clear that for this project, you’d need big leaves.

As I gazed out my window, pondering, my eyes landed on the changing leaves of my fig tree.

And so…I carefully collected flexible leaves, brought them inside, followed the photographs…and produced:

Pretty cool, huh?

The fig leaves sort of ooze a fluid when they break, so they may not be the best choice, but they worked!

Oh, and as an afterthought, I tried Google translation…heh a TOTAL afterthought.

Here’s the page again, in English.

But honestly, the crafter has done such a fabulous job of step by step photos, who needs words!

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2 Responses to “A different idea for a Fall decoration”

  1. Elise says:


    You could make a really gorgeous (and unusual) Thanksgiving centerpiece with those.

  2. Karen Fayeth says:

    I was thinking that too! You could really make something awesome for a centerpiece.

    Glad you agree with me on the utter coolness of this project!

    I was afraid people would be like "uh….leaves?"

    Thanks for the sanity check!! :)