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by Karen Fayeth

I’m feelin’ it…

by at 11:26am

July 25, 2007    2 Comments

Got this in an email today from a friend. Sorry it’s so small, that’s how it came across. Worth squinting at your screen…..

Yeah, I’m feeling this today….

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2 Responses to “I’m feelin’ it…”

  1. Press says:

    Like Bill Clinton used to say “I feel your pain”. But hang in there, there is a lot of time to close the gap between A and B. Trust me, I know. Great blog, I found it on Jim Baca’s blog and check it every 2-3 days. The graph was funny….

  2. Karen Fayeth says:

    Hey press! Thanks for the comment. I’m a big fan of Jim Baca as well!