This one goes out…

…To the one I love.

A special post today dedicated to The Good Man.

Happy One Month Anniversary, love!

And they said it wouldn’t last…hee!

I can hardly wait to get home tonight.

Oh, to see my handsome husband, sure…

But mainly for:


Tonight we get to eat the top layer of that galldamn delicious and oh so heavenly wedding cake that neither one of us got to eat much of just one short month ago.

No having to beat the crush of our wedding guests. No fighting the servers to get a big slice of heaven.


You. Me. Eight-inch diameter crème filled cake. Naughty!

Remember how pretty it was:

I personally think we should just cut that top layer down the middle, put half on one plate and half on the other and let the feeding frenzy BEGIN!


Is is wrong I’m this excited about cake?

Well if it’s wrong, I don’t wanna be right.

Happy Anniversary Good Man!

I believe one month is the cake anniversary…right?

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