Ok, this is not funny….

…and yet it is.

ABQjournal reporting today about a peeping tom not only getting caught but getting whacked in the head by the angry father toting a baseball bat.

Apparently the jerko was looking in the window of a FOURTEEN year old girl in South Santa Fe. The girl’s brother spotted the creep and told his dad. They took up a broom handle and a bat went outside to catch the pervert. Dad whacked the loser upside the head. Police found him, fly open, “conscious but unresponsive”.

The eighteen year old was airlifted to hospital with a fractured skull.

Paid the cost for getting his freebie jollies off a child, he did.

Back in “the early years” after I’d graduated college and had my first apartment on my own, I was getting ready for work one day and out of the corner of my eye and between the venetian blinds saw something move on my patio. I looked closer to see a man walk up, bend down and start looking in my windows. I screamed, in a way I never knew I was capable of, and the guy took off.

I reported it to the managing office, and they couldn’t be less concerned. I. Was. Freaked. Out.

Later, I guess after a few more women reported a peeping Tom, they did get security guards. Never knew if they caught the guy.

What I wouldn’t give to have taken a Louisville Slugger to his cranium.

So it’s an evil black humor mirthful laugh I have at the expense of the injured lad. But truly, it’s not funny…none of it is….

Karma being what it is…I think his balance is paid in full.

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