Oh the beauty of the retail high…

About two weeks ago, I detailed my impatience in this post about how long it was taking to receive a brand new product I had procured, but the retailer seemed to mishandle my order.

After two phone calls. One nice, one in which I used the words “upset”, “angry” and “very frustrated” liberally, I finally got my package.

But true to Murphy’s Law, the ding-dang thing arrived when I was out of town.

That being said, it finally arrived. And it’s GORGEOUS!

What I ordered was a Sony CyberShot T200 in luscious red.

I have an old CyberShot that I have used and loved greatly for about five years. For a point and shoot, it takes really great photos. I have pushed the bounds of that little camera and it has stood up to the test. But it’s starting to show its age. I actually carry it with me every day and it’s great for that “just can’t miss” photo op. But the battery will only charge to about “23 minutes” which isn’t much, really, for a camera. I replaced the battery, but it didn’t help.

So this red beast is the new kid on the block. The coolest aspect? The gorgeous screen on the back. Not only is it glorious to look at, the camera is all touch screen controlled via this screen, and is surprisingly intuitive to use.

I only just got the battery charged and into the camera yesterday, so I haven’t taken but a few photos, but I already really love it. It’s an 8.1 megapixel (whoa!) and I bought a 4 gig memory stick for shockingly cheap on Amazon. This little camera won some awards for it’s design and I can see why. Tonight I get to play with it a bit as we are going to the Fan Fest for the San Jose Giants. I’ll share if anything comes out looking good.

New toy! New toy!!

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