There’s Something on My Mind. It’s Sweet Home.

There is something on my mind.

There is indeed.

In the melodic tones of Ray Charles, it just happens to be Georgia that’s on my mind.

Well, actually, to be totally accurate, it’s a town somewhere on the border of Georgia and Alabama.

So maybe Sweet Home Alabama is what’s on my mind?

Is West Point, Georgia and the neighboring town of Lanett, Alabama the place where Ray Charles and Lynrd Skynrd meet in some sort of mashup?


That little ol’ corner of the South is the place where I meet with a supplier who keeps a pretty large data center on the edge of Georgia. And then I lay my head to sleep in Alabama.

All of that is real hard to fit into lyrics of a song.

This is a really confusing and quite convoluted way of saying….work has me on the road again next week.

This time I don’t need a passport. I’m staying within the lower fifty and while the thought of Georgia/Alabama in August seems daunting, I’m also kind of excited.

I’ve been to Georgia a few times before but this will be my first slide into Alabama. I’m looking forward to adding a new state to my list. I’ve seen 20 of the 50. Alabama makes 21.

Can’t really say I’m excited to get on yet another plane. All this jet flying has got me weary.

But I’m always up for something new.

And away we gooooooo!

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This week’s Theme Thursday word is: confusion.