Irrefutable evidence

That there is my actual hand putting my actual absentee ballot into the actual mailbox.

I will be in Hawaii for Election Day, or rather will be traveling home from Hawaii, so I won’t really be able to keep an eye on the results.

Either way, it will be newsworthy.

But there you have it. I voted.

Now it’s your turn.

I won’t tussle over your opinion versus mine. All I ask is that you make your opinion known.


A sad loss.

Tony Hillerman passed on Sunday.

A good man, a good New Mexican and a terrific crafter of stories leaves behind a profound body of work.

He will be missed.

Photo and story source.

The wonder of progress.

Yes, oh yes, the miracles of modern engineering.

Mind boggling!

I’m just astounded to be living in these times of overwhelming progress.

I mean LOOK at this…a breakthrough!

They are now able to take the humble Hershey’s kiss.

And fill plum to bursting with gooey CARAMEL!

(sorry for the bad iPhone photo, but this is an actual kiss actually consumed by me in my kitchen last night!)

Who is the glorious person that created this process and how soon may I slap a hug on ’em!

God bless the chocolate engineers!