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by Karen Fayeth

Happy Fourth of July!

by at 12:06pm

July 4, 2007    2 Comments

How did it get to be July? How is it that the summer is blazing past me while I am starting to carry that palid glow of too much time under florescent lights? When did I get old and Fourth of July stopped being about fireworks and hot dogs and swim suits while I ran around in the sprinklers or went swimming at the local pool?

When did it all get so difficult?

Happy Thoughful Fourth to everyone. Stay safe and have fun!


2 Responses to “Happy Fourth of July!”

  1. Natalie says:

    You should have heard ABQ last night. It was so noisy! The entire city was boomin’!
    As we were watching the fireworks… sitting on a stretch of road along the westside petroglyphs… some idiot pulled up and started shooting off illegal fireworks into the very dry desert. Sure, it rained last night but it wasn’t enough to keep the dry shrubs from catching on fire.
    I hope his danged shoes melted as he tried to stomp out his fire.

  2. Karen Fayeth says:

    Oh man, Natalie…every year my mom would FLIP out about the neighbors shooting off fireworks in the dry heat. Yeah, I hear ya….

    I was remembering the Fourth from last year. I was with family in Indiana where fireworks, ALL KINDS are totally legal. As it got toward dark, my cousin came strolling across his yard with a lit blowtorch. “Cousin,” I inquired, “where ya goin’ with that?”

    “Fireworks!” he said with a manical look in his eye.

    He put on quite a show…I was impressed.

    It’s the kind of display you could NEVER do in NM….too much worry about fires.

    Hope you and S and your brood had a WONDERFUL day!!!