Whooopta! ¡Feliz Cumleaños to da Bubble Wrap!

Time to bake a cake, eat a cookie, wear a hat and toot a horn.

We have a fifty year old in the house. Oh yes we do!

Don’t be shy, come forward and take your praise.

Oh Bubble Wrap, you are the best.

Always there when I need you, protecting fragile things.

Providing endless fun and stress reduction with your pop-popping sound as I squeeze the beejebus out of your little bubbly parts.

And when the world went cyber tech, you came along, giving me a faboo iPhone app that lets me pop your virtual bubbles whenever I darn well feel like.

You’ve carefully covered precious cargo and you’ve provided hours of fun.

You are useful, bubble wrap, and I for one can’t imagine my life with out you.

Now, let’s all raise a glass.

Cheers! To bubble wrap’s fifty years. May we have another joyful 50 ahead!

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  • Natalie

    Well, that's just great news. Barbie, me, and bubble wrap… all share da cumpleano.
    How appropo considering I now work for FedEx!!

  • Karen Fayeth

    Wow, 1960 was a fine, triumphant, beautiful year.

    Happy Birthday Year, Nat.

    I believe when you celebrate a round numbered bday, you get the entire year to celebrate!

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