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by Karen Fayeth

Yeah. And those little yellow 45 record thingies.

by at 8:06pm

July 25, 2011    4 Comments

Been an extraordinarily long day. I’m weary. I feel old. And then I stumble across this:

I had an old boombox that loved to eat tapes. I found putting an eraser end on the back of the pencil helped the grippiness immensely.

So yeah, I get the connection.

Found by way of NewMexiKen and source is here.


4 Responses to “Yeah. And those little yellow 45 record thingies.”

  1. Sandy says:

    haha good one! You know Borders is going out of business…I think books will be an antique too.

    • Karen Fayeth says:

      Sandy – I know! That just makes me sad. The local Borders here sold New Mexico Magazine too! No other store does. Sad.

  2. Alan says:

    Oh man. I hated winding up eaten tapes. And ever after that, that section of the cassette sounded like you were listening to it while driving on a washboard road.

    • Karen Fayeth says:

      Alan – Washboard road, lol! That’s for sure! And at that part of the tape, there was always a prayer to the gods of electronics….”please don’t eat my tape…please don’t eat my tape….”