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by Karen Fayeth

It’s Time

by at 7:41pm

September 4, 2015    2 Comments

There is a pot of beans burbling on the stove, Hatch chile on the counter, and a song in my heart.

The song sounds a lot like: “Santa Fe, tus fiestas de septiembre”: (hear it here: Fiestas del Santa Fe)

Tonight is the annual Burning of Zozobra event. Oh yes it is.

Time to collect all my glooms and watch them burn.

I love that the City of Santa Fe live streams the event so this ex-pat living in California can be there, with my people.

I have only this to say: Burn him!!


2 Responses to “It’s Time”

  1. Karen,

    I’m now in the processing the limerick’s I wrote for people everyone I can think of.

    So here goes for yours:

    A blogger I know gets real antsy.
    Uptight, with a bunching of panty.
    ‘Cause she knows she won’t find
    In her beautiful mind
    A subject she’ll think of as candy.


    • Karen Fayeth says:

      Whoa, sorry I kind of wandered off there and didn’t see your limerick when posted.

      Nice! Thank you!!!