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by Karen Fayeth

What the…? I don’t even know

by at 3:44pm

May 10, 2012    14 Comments

Ok, it started with an article from Cracked.com titled 14 Photographs That Shatter Your Image of Famous People.

I follow a lot of photography blogs and I see a lot of links like this.

So I took a look.

And in the course of those fourteen images, this one came along. (Click for a larger size)

I can’t stop looking at it. I don’t even know what to say. I seriously don’t know what to say.

It’s Al Pacino and Christopher Walken, but what the HELL is going on? Please tell me this is something from a movie?

My fascination with this image led me to the Awesome People Hanging Out Together Tumblr….which I guess is a pretty popular site because it was named to Time’s list of the 30 Must See Tumblrs.

None are quite as fascinating at this one, but there’s some pretty good stuff in there.

Meanwhile…I must construct stories in my head about the Pacino/Walken photo. Neighbors out for a stroll? Just escaped from the home for doddering elderly actors? LSD? LSD flashback?

I mean seriously? What?

Image originally posted on the Awesome People Hanging Out Together Tumblr on April 17, 2012.

This week’s Theme Thursday is: neighbors


14 Responses to “What the…? I don’t even know”

  1. R. E. Davis says:

    Oh, freaking YIKES. o.O

  2. Frank Conway says:

    Before playing a piano concerto and after.

  3. Natalie says:

    Zombie Apocalypse.

  4. Anji says:

    I spent quite a while trying to figure that one out.

  5. Mrsupole says:

    Maybe he was just trying to get some publicity because it has been a few slow years for them lately. You know, any publicity is good publicity. But you are right, that is a very strange picture.

    Happy Theme Thursday, thanks for sharing such a great picture.

    God bless.

  6. Emmett says:

    I am personally approaching the Walken stage, with Pachino just down the road a bit.
    Think of it as a PSA to hit the gym and the tailor regularly

    • Karen Fayeth says:

      Emmett – I’m grateful that the beautiful and quite fashionable R.E.D. will make sure you never wear pants with a waistline up to the nipples.

  7. Chica,

    I’m amazed with the number of comments you got.

    I think that these are all the essence of bigotry. Judging someone you don’t know by his look.

    Moytoy was right. “Don’t judge a man ’till you’ve walked a mile in his shoes.”

    What if they were taking a walk in Beverly Hills and they saw a giddy tourist walking towards them with camera poised.

    El Viejo

  8. Karen Fayeth says:

    As suspected, this is from a movie shoot.

    “Stand Up Guys stars Al Pacino and Christopher Walken as a pair of aging con men looking for one last score…”